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On social ventures
(presentation, 2012. Oct.)
Presentation by Tibor Hejj at Corvinus University of Budapest, CEMS about social ventures

The Value Creator
(“Portrait” at Figyelő - the Hungarian Business Week -, 2. June, 2011)

The owner of Proactive Management Consulting Ltd. is a successful strategy consultant and also a responsible civil\\\' by Lilla Ágnes Kovács

Implementation of Christian Ventures in Line with the Encyclical Letter
(article, Tibor Héjj - Rita Héjj, ERENET PROFILE, issue 22., March, 2011.)
Introduction to holistic value matrix a toll to control the daily implementation of Christian ventures in Line with the Encyclical letter

Wings and Weights
(Book, Comittee of Wise Men, 2009.)

Mr. Tibor Héjj has contributed to the work “Wings and Weights, Proposals for Rebuilding the Education System of Hungary and Combating Corruption” led by the President of the Republic of Hungary

IT Business
(interview, ITBusiness, 22. august 2009)

What is the role of human force in the field of management consultancy?

Socially responsible clusters in theory and practice
(lecture, Rita Héjj & Tibor Héjj, 6th June 2008)

Lecture at the Bocconi University of Milano, Italy about the collaborative enterprise and values for a sustainable world

World of knowledge
(interview, Metro, 24. april 2008.)

To compete and cooperate at the same time- is it possible anyhow? And why would it be advantageous for the participants?

Cluster - just a new buzzword or a real value creator?!
(white paper, Tibor Héjj - Dr. János Matuz - Dr. Balázs Ménesi, 16th January 2008)

The white paper summarizes the knowledge of PMC cluster-experts on creating and managing clusters. The main focus is on the followings: importance and benefits of clusters, European and Hungarian trends, legal status recommended for clusters and important tender opportunities

On renewable energy and inevitable paradigm shift
(cikk, Budapest Business Journal, 2007 április 10.)

Jacob Doyle angol nyelvű cikke a klaszterek szerepéről a fellendülés előtt álló, megújuló energiaiparban. A cikk külön kiemeli Héjj Tibor (the Steve Jobs of Hungary) és a PMC munkásságát.

Introduction to Hungary
(presentation, Tibor Héjj - Krisztián Orbán, 26th April 2007)

Presentation for foreign investors about the Hungarian economic climate, the investment opportunities in the thermal waters of Hungary and the activity of PMC. (In English)

Race-horses harnessed to carriage
(article, Business Online, 1st December 2007)

Written by Gizella Fekete. Article about clusters, Hungarian characteristics, tender opportunities and success factors, based on the lectures presented by Tibor Héjj and Dr. Balázs Ménesi at the KPMG-BME Academy. (In Hungarian)

Initial impetus
(article, Business Online, 1st December 2007)

Written by Gizella Fekete. Article about the legal background of clusters, the Development Pole Programme and other tenders, according to the lectures of Dr. János Matuz and dr. Balázs Ménesi (experts of PMC).(In Hungarian)

Knowledge- based society is not the ploy of aristocracy
(interview with Mr. Tibor Héjj, Daily Online, 25th of november, 2007)

What kind of factors embrasses the development of the R&D sector, and what are the possible alternatives of the solution. (In Hungarian)

Pretty Hungarian Rituals draws back
(article, Daily Online, 25th of Novemberm 2007.)

Edifications at innovation by Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Harvard forum (in Hungarian)

Strategic consultancy (for others and for ourselves...)
(lecture, Tibor Héjj, 10th May 2007)

Lecture at the Corvinus University of Budapest about the methods, the goals, the way of thinking and the view of life of the strategic consultant.
(2/3 in English, 1/3 in Hungarian)

Social Responsibility raised to top- level management training and strategic consultancy
(lecture, Tibor Héjj, 19th of april, 2007)

Lecture about the ascending influence and responsibility of managers in societal context, at the Education of the Future Generation Conference. (Hungarian)

Holistic Stakeholder Matrix
(lecture, Tibor Héjj, 5- 7th October, 2006)

The lecture presented at the Good company Conference in Rome draws the attention to the increasing influence of managers and their attached fileds of resposibility on the society and stresses the importance of intelectually founded spiritually in business. (In English)

Strategic level purchasing- Harward Business Manager
(article, Tibor Héjj- Dr. Balázs Ménesi, April 2005)

Are we really able to save money by raising our procurement to a strategic level? What kind of other advantages may this bring and how can it be achieved?(in hungarian only)

Tibor Héjj wins the St. George Award of British Chamber of Commerce in HungaryTibor Héjj has contributed to the work led by the President of the Republic of HungaryPMC is the sole Cooperating Partner of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Hungary"Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2007 in Hungary""Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation from Deutsche Telekom affiliate Magyar Telekom (2009)"