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Mission of Proactive Management Consulting Ltd.


We offer holistic solutions

Instead of simply reducing symptoms, our solutions address the fundamental causes of issues on the strategic and system-level. When solving problems, we consider the values and expectations of the management, the unique culture, the Client’s specific way of operation and the operating environment. We work in interdisciplinary teams made up of ’classic’ management consultants, attorneys, engineers and other experts on an as-needed basis.


We are in the same boat with our Clients

We not only make the recommendations, but we implement them or manage their implementation. In many cases we provide our services on a success-fee basis. As we work together with our Clients we encourage them to learn and adopt our strategic approach and efficient work methods.


We deliver creative and unique solutions

The problems that are unique, complex or require a novel approach inspire us. We do not believe in standard industry solutions. For each of our Clients we create solutions that are tailored to their specific case, build on their unique organizational culture and bring measurable benefits to them. The professional knowledge, skills, personality and creativity of our consultants play a central role in achieving this purpose.


We bridge the gap between domestic and international

We have developed a broad network of international partners. We are the regular local partner of several multinational top-tier consultancies and training firms that have no permanent local office in Hungary. Through our network we help Hungarian companies attract foreign capital, expand internationally and win EU and international tenders.


We create value –in our work and after the working hours as well

We are a socially responsible, for-benefit company. We evaluate our work against exceptionally high ethical norms. As a part of our group, Sunflower Non-Profit Ltd. supports the (re)integration of disadvantaged employees to the labour market. Our consultants take social responsibility seriously not only during their work but in their private lives as well.


Introduction of Proactive Management Consulting Ltd. 


Proactive Management Consulting Ltd. (PMC) was founded in 2002 by Mr. Tibor Héjj, former International Vice President and Principal of the Budapest Office of A.T. Kearney.


PMC is a result- and value-oriented consulting enterprise with strong backbone of both domestically and internationally experienced employees. Our company has direct working relations with large multinational consulting companies as well as domestic corporations providing general or specific services promoting the daily operation of corporations. PMC defines itself in the consulting market as follows:


Our firm offers a range of expert and price solutions tailored to the specific demands of our clients, in-line with market offerings and adopting a result-oriented approach, working either independently or jointly with other experts depending on the nature of the project. Therefore at PMC, we seek to “sell” not merely consultants’ days, but to take a share in the clients’ risk, following a project from beginning to end, all the while in close cooperation with our clients.

In May 2005 PMC initiated the establishment of a Cluster, which has 18 members today, including the Semmelweis University, the largest Medical University in Hungary. The Proactive Management Cluster, with PMC as its cluster manager, has institutionalized the previously informal network leading to much desired flexibility, while reinforcing existing and originating new synergies among Cluster members. We are convinced that in the economic and social environment of the 21st century, well-organized networks like clusters have a special importance. They can pro-actively contribute to the development of both their members and the economic and social communities outside the network. Nothing could prove better the success of our cooperation than the fact that PMC has obtained a subsidy of 100 000 Euro for the further development of the Proactive Management Cluster on the tender GVOP-2006-1.1.3/B.











Tibor Héjj wins the St. George Award of British Chamber of Commerce in HungaryTibor Héjj has contributed to the work led by the President of the Republic of HungaryPMC is the sole Cooperating Partner of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Hungary"Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2007 in Hungary""Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation from Deutsche Telekom affiliate Magyar Telekom (2009)"