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Effectual handling of complex problems within the shortest period of time, in effective manner and at consensus- basis

In our complex world strategic decision- making requires knowledge and expertise; that could be found only scattered in 20- 30 leader’s mind. But a discussion of 20-30 leaders usually ends with the debate of the loudest 4-5 collegues so in most cases the decisions made are not optimal and not consensus-based. 

Stafford Beer discovered, through examining the structures and modes of action of the nature, that there’s no need for maximising the relational points at stable and resistant systems. Accordingly, the Syntegration®, methodology, based on cybernetics, information theory and psychology ensures optimal information-exchange and decision-making processes which has been proven on a mathematical basis.


The Syntegration ® workshops, after exhaustive preparation, during 2-3.5 days, unifying business expertise, and ensuring the consensus- based solution.

The Syntegration® is a tool to fomulate critical decisions and measures in a short period of time and to succesfully implement them subsequently.

  • Speed: the realization of solution requires only some days instead of months. During the Syntegration® the timespan the decision- making requires is minimal. Therefore, implementation can be started earlier by valuable months.

  • Commitment and implementation80% of actions articulated during the Syntegration® are realized within a year, because the decisions are made by the key associates of enterprises.  This way, they are committed to implement them.

  • Comprehensive solutions: the inderdisciplinary solutions extending over functions cover all the relevant aspects, thereby ensuring minimized risks, holistic existence, and sustainability

  • Less effort: the implementation of the measures decided upon during the Syntegration® is efficient and concentrated, because participants begin to work with a common ‘language and viewpoint

  • Integration: with the help of the results and experiences gained through the workshop, the key persons of the organization will solve the questions in other topics more openly with a broader perspective


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