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Management efficiency

Our next open Seminar (in Hungarian): 5-6 November 2015.


The brossure of the Seminar can be downloaded here


Registration, information: or on the phone: 06 30 970 6849


Principles and tools of the management’s improvement of quality and performance for all professionals are always and everywhere essential; necessary principles, goals and tools.


The expedient and right management profession: it is easy to acquire for all; like a language, or sport activity. Man, graduated in this field of profession can make whatever carrier, the application of efficient management strategy’s acquisition makes the one active- as well as its environment-; in our society, this is one of the most important talents. Everything depends on this talent: efficiency, carrier, prestige, power, remuneration, as well as health, complacence and life- not just in economy, but in all institutions of society. The Malik Management Efficiency provides perspicuity, comprehension, insight, exempt from prejudices, and can be applied straight away.

At today’s recession, this is what is needed, exactly: focusing, and results counts from the viewpoint of leadership’s efficiency and competitiveness.


The proper mode of management is global; it is the same, all- round the world. Every organisation what operates well, managed along identical principles.  In the centre of Malik Management Efficiency program, this management methodology stands: it is the learnable profession of productivity and aim- centralisation. Like every profession, the management is defined by four basic elements: principles, tasks, tools, and responsibility. Professor Fredmund Malik defined the benchmark of right and good management. According to his views, the loyalty- construction, goal- identification, charisma, skill of risk retention, heroic personality can be important and can affect the organisation, but they not substitute the effective leadership’s possession.


Goals and competencies:


In the framework of this seminarian the students will receive an answer concerning professional knowledge, abilities needed if they want to be effective and effectual. This knowledge will save from the wrong witnesses, and strengthening the immune- operation against fashion. It saves time and money, because we can surrender the learning of tiring, un- faire issues, and after that, the fighting omission. The aim of the Malik Management Efficiency is to enhance the people’s efficiency- for their organisation, colleagues, bosses, relatives and for themselves’ interest.  The participants will know how to distinguish impression and effectiveness, how to act in a proper way in turbulent daily life.


The seminar can be divided into four main parts:

1.) Standard modell of effective management

  • The management – profession, not talent
  • Basic compontnets of effective management

2.) Pricnciples

  • Impressive management's six basic principles
  • Principles- part of company's culture

3.) Tasks

  • Management and expert tasks
  • Leadership's tasks, conditions of realistic aims' determination and performance improvement
  • Observance, right- balance's formulation, decision- making: rules of effective formulation
  • Decision- making: mistakes and misunderstoods, Methodology of St. Gallen's decision- making
  • Training of people's: in self- tailored manner to realize self- recognition


4.) Tools

  • Meetings: preparation, giving directions for organizing additional meetings
  • Individual working methods: how you can enchance self- efficiency and revise time- management
  • Work plans and assignments: system of tasks and charges
  • Performace- evaluation: how to prepare for interviews and how to evaluate them effectively





Topics are illustrated in a focused manner, with rich illustration. We deepen the materials by discussions, group- works, and role-plays.



The course is based on the book: „Lead, Performance, Live” by Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, which bestseller was sold in more than 300 thousand copies all around just in the European German-speaking area. 



Tibor Héjj wins the St. George Award of British Chamber of Commerce in HungaryTibor Héjj has contributed to the work led by the President of the Republic of HungaryPMC is the sole Cooperating Partner of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Hungary"Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2007 in Hungary""Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation from Deutsche Telekom affiliate Magyar Telekom (2009)"