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Our CSR philosophy: the "Holistic Stakeholder Value Matrix"


According to our understanding, the motivators of how managers think can be on three levels:

  • Above and beyond the physical level (material, financial), 
  • The intellectual development, 

  • Social responsibility, that requires a broader view, involving a third level, spiritual life as well


By combining the three levels mentioned with the broadest stakeholder approach, we end up with the Stakeholder Value Matrix we have developed: 


The ideal leader is a professional with a spiritually driven personality. Based on this, leadership can be accordingly threefold, where the levels show a trend from the “individual” towards the “community”, heading from an “egocentric” towards a “community-centered” approach. In our view, a responsible company is a complex system of relationships that satisfies all stakeholders on physical, intellectual, and spiritual levels at the same time. Therefore, the aim of our company is value creation (preferably) in all intersection points within the figure above.





It is especially important both for the employees of PMC and for the partners of our company to positively influence the lives of people and communities in their close and broader environment, jointly or individually, through business activities in „working time” or after it. Therefore, they have given their money, time and quality expertise to support needy people, communities and purposes.


  • Individually, as a person (money AND time donation – that is, making expertise available free of charge, in fields where it is most needed)
  • As a company, again in a variety of fields – for example, the introduction of the „matching fund” combines the first level with the second: the individual donation of any employee is doubled by the company.

  • Through active involvement. Having realized this, PMC owner Tibor Héjj, together with a circle of business men, founded Sunflower Non-Profit Corp in 2000. Their business objective was the foundation and operation of a “professional non-profit” enterprise, engaged in engagement rehabilitation. By now, “PMC and its circles” have supported Sunflower (started-up with 3 million HUF capital stock) by a total of about 25 million HUF, calculated in present value. As a support in kind, our professional colleagues made their time available for Sunflower. We have continuously and directly been serving the opportunity creation of hundreds of disadvantaged people on the labor market in the last ten years, creating a new, integrated rehabilitation model for the domestic employment policy as well.



Tibor Héjj wins the St. George Award of British Chamber of Commerce in HungaryTibor Héjj has contributed to the work led by the President of the Republic of HungaryPMC is the sole Cooperating Partner of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Hungary"Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2007 in Hungary""Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation from Deutsche Telekom affiliate Magyar Telekom (2009)"