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The Viable Organisation Model


Facing the challenges of the growing complexity and dynamic of business, many managers answer the situation by introducing matrix- structure. By this, the problems are not solved; rather, in line problems are added. Fields of responsibility are resolved, inbound areas of friction are multiplied. Within short time the need for the re-structuring of the organisation reveals- expectedly without any results. The board of management cannot find enough time to accomplish its own tasks, because it stressed to manage operational leadership problems and conflict- solving.
Therefore, it is really essential for the first time to elaborate such structure, what is able to manage the organisations’ level of complexity, which ensures the growth of profit, and finds the optimal conformance level against changes, in order to avoid the organisations’ re- structuring in the future.
Goal, competencies:In the framework of this seminarian, the students can acquire how it is possible to establish such tough, self- assembling units whose organisation structure can be harmonised with strategic goals based on the organisational form of the 21. Century, what is so called: ‘The Viable Organisation Model’.
:In the framework of this seminarian, the students can get to know:


  • Real basic questions of organizing, and the organizations’ operation




  • The Viable Organisation Model, as a diagnostic and planning model, by which organisations with optional activity, size, level of complexity can be established
  • Examples representing organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Criteria to estimating an organisation’s performance
  • Mode of organisation structures’ elaboration according to strategic goals


    • The self- assembly method
    • The balance between the flat organizational and centralised hierarchical organisation forms
    • Questions concerning organisation of the top- management
    • Efficient optimization modes of current structures




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