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BCCH St. George Award (2011)

Tibor Héjj wins the St. George Award of British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary


The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (BCCH) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a St. George’s Day Gala Dinner on the 16th of April 2011, where the winner of the recently founded St. George Award was also announced. The award stands to recognise outstanding management achievement in line with the values of the life and behaviour of St. George. The BBCH have chosen Tibor Héjj, founding managing director of Proactive Management Consulting Ltd. Besides the outstanding achievements in his work, he has set an example to his environment continuously.

This is the first year in which the management of the BCCH announced the winner of the newly created St. George Award. The winner was announced on Saturday, 16th of April, at a grand St. George’s Day Gala Dinner organised to celebrate the Chamber’s 20th anniversary. The Guest of Honour was HM Ambassador Greg Dorey.

“We chose Tibor Héjj because beyond his everyday work he pays particular attention to enable disadvantaged people to gain employment and is the chairman and founder of several acclaimed NGOs. The fact that his attention and support didn’t decrease but rather increased during the economic crisis, showed that he chose the right way that he believed in and not the easy one, was particularly in his favour,.” said Gergely Mikola, the chairman of BCCH who was also the member of the BCCH jury.

Tibor Héjj, a father of four, has demonstrated on a or number of occasions that he is a truly responsible leader. After his earlier studies and works abroad he always returned to utilise his knowledge and charity in his home country. In response to receiving the St. George’s Award, Tibor Héjj commented:

"I have always tried to take responsibility for matters of the Common Good beyond my professional activities and make sure that I have the opportunity to deal with them. In my opinion, those who have good abilities and possibilities in their life, as a result of their studies, career and health conditions have a responsibility to share the results of their capabilities and talents with and for those who have had less advantages. Many rely on the State but I see more expansive options by working with NGOs.
In my view, social solidarity is extremely important, it is the basis of genuine democracy. This award renews my energy and motivation to continue my work. I hope that not only my family and friends but also the members of the business world will join me on my way.”
About the BCCH
The British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary is an independent non-profit organization, which has been serving its members since its foundation in 1991 by British investors. Its mission is to represent British, Hungarian and international companies with the overarching principles of British business values and promote trade and investment flows between the UK and Hungary. The Chamber provides its members with all kinds of opportunities to raise their company’s business profile and strengthen their competitiveness in the local and international market, such as various events, publications, Special Interest Groups, international and regional partnerships, business services through the knowledge and long-term local business experience of BCCH members and the Chamber itself, as well as special offers and discounts.
About St. George
St. George, the Patron Saint of England was a Roman soldier who was beheaded by Diocletian for protesting against the Emperor's persecution of Christians, and became universally recognized as a saint sometime after 900. A holiday in his honour, to be kept on 23 April, was declared by the Synod of Oxford in 1222, and by the end of the 14th century he was acknowledged as Patron Saint of England. His banner, a red cross on a white background, was adopted for the uniform of English soldiers, and later became the flag of England.



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