Our mission

We offer holistic solutions

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Instead of simply reducing symptoms, our solutions address the fundamental causes of issues on the strategic and system-level. When solving problems, we consider the values and expectations of the management, the unique culture, the Client’s specific way of operation and the operating environment. We work in interdisciplinary teams made up of „classic” management consultants, attorneys, engineers and other experts on an as-needed basis.

We are in the same boat with our Clients

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We not only make the recommendations, but we implement them or manage their implementation. In many cases we provide our services on a success-fee basis. In case of start-ups we also do consulting for shares. As we work together with our Clients we encourage them to learn and adopt our strategic approach and efficient work methods.

We deliver creative and unique solutions

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The problems that are unique, complex or require a novel approach inspire us. We do not believe in standard industry solutions. For each of our Clients we create solutions that are tailored to their specific case, build on their unique organizational culture and bring measurable benefits to them. The professional knowledge, skills, personality and creativity of our consultants play a central role in achieving this purpose.

We bridge the gap between domestic and international

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We have developed a broad network of international partners. We are the regular local partner of several multinational top-tier consultancies and training firms that have no permanent local office in Hungary. Through our network we help Hungarian companies attract foreign capital, expand internationally and win EU and international tenders.

We have subsidiaries and affiliated partners in the D-A-CH region, Serbia and the USA.

We create value – in our work and after the working hours as well

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We are a socially responsible, for-benefit company. We evaluate our work against exceptionally high ethical norms. As a part of our group, Sunflower Non-Profit Ltd. supports the (re)integration of disadvantaged employees to the labour market. Our consultants take social responsibility seriously not only during their work but in their private lives as well.


Dr. Tibor Héjj
Founder, Managing Director

Tibor has 25 years of experience in strategic and management consulting, as well as in M&A. Before founding PMC he worked for The Boston Consulting Group as Country Manager and led the Hungarian operations of A.T. Kearney as Partner and International Vice President. He is the founder of PMC, the only Hungarian strategic management consulting boutique, which is independent, yet the local cooperating partner of international strategy consultancies.

Selected Projects and Personal Credentials

  • As the Managing Director of PMC, Tibor generated and ran assignments in strategic consulting, market entry, sourcing, project management, innovation management, due diligence, M&A, PMI, IT consulting, turnaround management and interim management. He is also an experienced trainer and coach.
  • Tibor took over the Budapest office of A.T. Kearney in its second year of operation. He repositioned the company, increased its revenue to € 7 Mio. and made its operations profitable. Later, Tibor became the member of the Central European Profit Center’s vice president team.
  • Tibor worked 6 years for The Boston Consulting Group, generating and running assignments in strategy, post-merger integration and reengineering in different countries within Europe. As Country Manager he was involved in the foundation of BCG’s Budapest office, generating a revenue of € 4 Mio.
  • From 1983 to 1993 Tibor was the co-founder and one of the Executive Vice Presidents of Műszertechnika, which became the most successful local computer and telecom company of its time with an annual revenue of some $ 30 Mio. Tibor set up and presided over subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Taiwan.

Education, Qualifications

  • Sophia University Institute (Italy) – Economics – Management PhD
  • Vanderbilt University (USA) – MBA
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) – M. Sc. In Electrical Engineering

Social Responsibility

  • Sunflower Non-Profit Ltd. – Founder
  • Beautiful Present Foundation – Founder
  • Social Impact InvestorsAssociation – Co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Maholnap Hungarian Welfare Foundation – Chairman of the Board