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2022 – 23: Strategic advisor and Supervisory Board member of a fast growing automation and digitalization engineering company with worldwide export.
2021 – 22 International strategy development for a leading Swiss-Hungarian professional services company.
2020 – 21: Strategic advisor for a Hungarian deep-technology telemedicinal start-up for their market entry   both in Hungary and abroad, especially focusing on the USA and the D-A-CH region.
2019 – 20: Strategy development and its implementation of a USA-headquartered toxicology-focused drug   development support scientific service provider company, with the scientific subsidiary in Hungary.
2019: Strategic re-positioning of an engineering service provider in Germany, leveraging Hungarian and   other CEE engineering competence as a gateway towards German customers.
2017 – 19: Strategy development for a Norwegian-owned Dutch company to double its revenue in 3 years;   followed by the implementation of the strategy.
2016 – 18: Strategy development and preparation for exit of a German engineering company (sold in 2019).
2015: Strategic due diligence and risk assessment of the public transportation activities of Budapest, on   behalf of the Ministry for National Economy.
2014: Strategy development for 2015-2017 for a German engineering company in industrial automation.
2012: Strategy development of the residential division of Hungarian Telekom (DT subsidiary).
2012: Supporting Erste Bank Hungary in establishing new partnerships with strategic importance in the telecommunications sector.
2012: Preparing a policy study about the strategy-based operational and organizational development plan of the Hungarian National Railway Group.
2011: Organization development at the animal-health division of the Hungarian affiliate of Pfizer.
2010: Implementation concept of a web portal, offering complex energy services at the headquarters of E.ON Energie AG in Munich.
2021 – 23: Co-founder and Board member of a wastewater-treatment start-up (Water4All), on a „consulting for shares” basis, being responsible for the expansion in the DACH region
2020 – 22: Strategic director and lead advisor on the sell-side in order to involve international venture capital into a deep technology telemedicinal engineering start-up.
2020 – 22: Strategic director and business planning for a Hungarian social innovation start-up’s market entry.
2020: Restructuring a major family business group into a „family foundation” with the related governance.
2019 – 20: Advisor and business development director – with the title of President – of the CEO of a US private equity company owning a clinical research group headquartered in Boston, MA, USA with a research subsidiary in Hungary, in cooperation with Semmelweis University.
2018 – 19: (Interim) CEO of an innovation-based life-science industry, IT development start-up.
2016 – 21: Chairman of the Board and CEO of an international financial holding with 12 companies, active in 4 industries in 5 countries (from 2020: non-executive President of the group).
2013 – 16: Project management of the „Protection with Mobile Dam in Flooded Areas” project, subsidized by CHF 3 million by the Swiss–Hungarian Cooperation Programme with the National Directorate General for Disaster Management as the Beneficiary.
2015 – 16: Successful turnaround management of a German bio-tech company previously close to insolvency and bankruptcy (in 2014), reaching breakeven within 2 years.
2014: Forensic analysis in a fraud-suspected  case of a Czech  company’s Hungarian subsidiary.
2013:  Hungarian branch of the French Groupama Insurance Group: to improve the cost efficiency of the sales agent network, and preparing a segmentation-based agent management system.
2010 – 15:  Swiss Agency for the Development and Cooperation (SDC): monitoring the development of a town’s drinking water supply infrastructure and distribution system in Eastern Hungary.
Attracting capital and M&A
2021 – 23: Lead advisor for a Series A (€ 5 m) equity incease at a bio-medical start-up, with presence in Hungary, Switzerland, and the USA.
2020 – 22: Lead advisor for a Series A capital investment at a deep-tech telemedicinal start-up.
2020 – 22: Lead advisor for a € 1 million Seed capital investment at a genuine social innovation start-up.
2021: Assured a € 700.000 equity capital increase for the co-founded „Water4All” start-up.
2020 – 21: The owner’s personal advisor for selling a Hungarian engineering company to Framatome,   a major French origin, Europe-wide market leader in the (nuclear)
2020 – 21: Lead advisor for the exit of a Hungarian IT company taken over by a German group.
2020: Selling a Slovak sales company’s ownership to a Hungarian holding group, in expansion.
2020: Preparing and orchestrating a local management buy-out of a US owned research company.
2019: Sell-side lead advisor at the take-over of a German engineering company by an other   German company.
2018: Business, financial and legal advisory on sell side during the acquisition of a CRO service provider Hungarian start-up by an American private equity investor.
2015: Consulting and CFO interim management for a German owned Hungarian bio-tech group (Auri Group) in the turnaround and financial engineering, assuring new equity partners from different countries for its growth (combined with „consulting for shares”).
2013 – 14: Preparing and managing the sale of evopro group’s industrial software development business (employing 600 development electrical engineers in four countries, from Germany over Hungary and Romania to Turkey) for Accenture as the sell-side lead consultant.
2012: Selling a branch of a leading Hungarian private company  with about 100 electrical engineers to a German multinational company.

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